The stylish solution for

optimal hygiene.

4 in one!

Alcohol gel dispenser, glove and mouth mask compartment & bin

combined in a design totem.

Go further than you thought with CapacityX supplements.

Health in the workplace is a major priority for everyone!

BeSafe wants to do its bit to restart your retail outlets, showroom, company or organization as smoothly as possible. To further contain the corona virus, disinfectant gel, mouth masks and gloves may (for a while) become standard attributes.

BeSafe ensures that all this protective equipment is grouped into one totem, accessible to everyone. Packed in a ‘stylish jacket’ this is the ideal element for your company’s entrance hall, hospital, residential care center, shop or showroom.


After all, looks are everything!


Disinfect your hands thanks to the handy integrated dispenser.

The reservoir can be refilled

from above.

BeSafe by eSafe

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